Iolanthe Alpaca Ranch for The Cure Starts Now
The Cure Starts Now
Iolanthe Alpaca Ranch for The Cure Starts Now

Welcome to our donation page for THE CURE STARTS NOW.

If you are here to pay for auction winnings, thank you so much!

Please see the instructions on the auction page for next steps.

If you are here to make a donation, thank you so much!!

Iolanthe Alpaca Ranch is located on the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, Washington. We have a herd of 11 huacaya alpacas (the teddybear kind) and we turn their beautiful coats into hats for kids with cancer. Lauren Hill is one of Iolanthe's Kids, and we're founding this page in her memory. Her jersey number is 22, so we're going to set a goal to raise $2,200, for Lauren, and for ALL kids battling DIPG.

Like Lauren we will NEVER GIVE UP -- we plan to  keep on raising monies until a cure is found. 


Myla and the alpacas

ABOUT General Donation
Name Date Amount Comments
Stacy McCuskey 10/10/2015 $75.00 Water lilies by Tracey
Tonia Lanoux 10/04/2015 $70.00 Monet's palate cookbook auction
Tonia Lanoux 10/04/2015 $50.00 Foggy Morning, Astoria by Jody Miller auction
Tonia Lanoux 10/04/2015 $55.00 Rain on the River by Jody Miller auction
Lynn K 10/03/2015 $300.00  
Brittany Taylor 10/03/2015 $21.25  
Ralph Nardell 10/01/2015 $110.00 Thank you again for all your hard work, Myla!
Yan Perng 10/01/2015 $100.00 :) thanks for your passion and dedication!
Heidi Vallencourt 10/01/2015 $170.00 For all kids with DIPG, for all kids with other medical situations, and for Jake N. and his awesome uncle. Thanks Myla for all of your hard work with this auction and thank you to all of the artists who so graciously shared your work with all of us on behalf of these beautiful children.
Jill Black 10/01/2015 $175.00  
Lauren Rosenbaum 10/01/2015 $150.00  
Suzanne Thomas 10/01/2015 $75.00  
Heidi Klauser 10/01/2015 $25.00  
Cindi Dahler 10/01/2015 $325.00 Cindi Dahler 4830 Holiday Dr. Madison, WI 53711 This is for the table and print plus shipping. Thank you.
Heidi Klauser 10/01/2015 $140.00  
Laura Senator 09/30/2015 $300.00  
Katya Horner 09/30/2015 $100.00 Thank you, Myla Kent, for being a shining star for The Cure Starts Now.
Andrea Sissons 09/30/2015 $55.00  
Richard Koske 09/24/2015 $100.00 Myla- Thanks for taking on this worthwile cause. Rick
Anonymous Friend 09/22/2015 $200.00  
Emily Kelly 09/22/2015 $70.00  
Myla Kent 09/13/2015 $20.00  
Anonymous Friend 09/03/2015 $22.00  
Anonymous Friend 04/22/2015 $22.00  
  Total $2,730.25  
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